We Have Cheesesteaks for Everyone’s Dietary Needs at Campo’s

In Philadelphia, enjoying a delicious and authentic cheesesteak is a must. One of the city’s most recognizable meals is enjoyed by plenty of Philadelphians each day, but so far, some people haven’t been able to get in on the fun. 

Since meat and cheese are animal products, vegans aren’t able to enjoy this staple of Philly cuisine. Meanwhile, anyone on a gluten-free diet is left out as well because of the roll most cheesesteaks are served on. The good news for anyone with these dietary restrictions is that you can still enjoy an authentic Philly cheesesteak at Campo’s Deli! With our vegan steak and gluten-free rolls, anyone in the city can enjoy our finest delicacy, and as one of the few places that ships a Philly cheesesteak, you can enjoy it anywhere in the country!

VEGAN cheesesteakOur Vegan Cheesesteak

Anyone on a plant-based diet can still enjoy one of Campo’s most iconic meals with the Vegan Works sandwich, from our partners at Vegadelphia! The “meat” on our “Impossible Cheesesteak” is made entirely from wheat protein, so there is no guilt over eating any animal products. Dairy-free customers can also select our vegan cheese alternative, made by Daiya for this entree. Of course, the Vegan Works steak still comes with bell peppers, mushrooms, and fried onions, so you can feel like you’re eating the iconic Philly treat all while sticking to your plant-based lifestyle!

Our Gluten-Free RollGluten-Free

Whether you are dieting to lose weight or are avoiding gluten due to a medical condition, such as celiac disease, finding meals that adjust to your dietary restrictions can be challenging. The good news is that when you come to Campo’s, finding a meal that meets your requirements is simple! Any of our cheesesteaks, hoagies or other items can be ordered with a gluten-free roll from Taffets Bakery. They are just as tasty as our regular Italian or whole wheat options, but much friendlier if your body can’t break down gluten, or if you are looking to change your dieting patterns.

Campo’s Deli wants to see every Philadelphian enjoy the sandwich that our city is proudly known for, and if you are on a plant-based or gluten-free diet, you can join the fun! Whether you are dining in for your cheesesteak or ordering a hoagie for delivery, you can always have access to our vegan and gluten-free options on our meals. To learn more about how we can accommodate your dietary restrictions, give us a call at 215-515-8562 today!