Three Tips for Catering at Football Parties

Football season is an excellent time to relax with friends and family as you cheer on your favorite team. The Super Bowl is approaching, and hosting a watch party is the perfect opportunity to eat, drink, and celebrate as you tune into the game. Here at Campo’s Deli, we’ve been helping Philadelphia residents source the finest foods and meats available since 1947. Our catering service provides delicious food that’s cooked from the heart. The following tips will help you to plan a Super Bowl party everyone can enjoy – even if we’re not watching our beloved Eagles play in it this year.

Plan Your Menu.

Carefully consider the size of the party that you are planning. How much food will you need? What style will you be serving? When planning for a smaller, casual party with friends and family, Campo’s can offer you a buffet-style serving so everyone can grab what they need and watch the game. You can choose from our mouthwatering fan favorites, such as hoagie trays, wraps, and cheesesteaks. We can also provide delicious chicken platters, pepperoni and cheese trays, and much more. For more formal events, click here to view our menu options for sit-down dinners and full-course meals.

Add a Self-Service Drink Station

The worst-case scenario at a Super Bowl party is going out to the fridge or bar area to get another round for everyone, only to come back and realize you’ve missed what turned out to be the play of the game. To avoid this, set up a drink station that gives everyone easy access to all the wine, liquor, and other ingredients needed to make any cocktails or mixed drinks your guests might want. Don’t forget to add ice, some lime wedges, olives, glasses, and coasters. 

And you’ll also need some beer.  If you pick up your food from Campo’s, the beer is a no-brainer, because we sell six-packs to-go from local breweries like Yuengling and Yards Brewing Company! When the drink station is stocked and set up, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game. 

Don’t Forget the Kids

If children are attending your football party, they might get cranky as the night goes on, and they might not be interested in some of the food that is available. Fear not, because we have plenty of kid-friendly options that they can enjoy! Our kids’ menu is available with our catering packages, with plenty of favorites that the young ones will love. Another smart idea is to have a designated kids’ table so that they can all intermingle while the adults can enjoy the game in peace. Having any older kids and teenagers on hand to take care of them and clean up for them will also help you out in the long run.

For more information about Campo’s catering for your Super Bowl party, or to view our full outside catering menu, click here today.